Memory Walk for Jeff’s Place changed to November 2nd


The Memory Walk for Jeff’s Place will take place on

Saturday November 2nd at noon at

Farm Pond Park, 437 Dudley Road, Framingham.

The 5K Walk will be a fun, family-friendly afternoon that will combine food, a picnic, games and activities, in addition to raising $ for Jeff’s Place. The theme is to Walk in memory of the person one has lost. T-shirts will be available where participants can write in who they are walking in memory of. Participants will get a T-shirt if they bring any sponsor money they collected, or make a donation. The back of the T-shirt will have the logos of the event Sponsors.

To Sponsor the Walk, or make a Donation, or Register please click the Donate button below and fill out the form. The form allows you to indicate who you are contributing or walking in memory of.

To Sign Up for the Walk, or donate a Raffle item, please scroll down and fill out the Contact Information form below and then submit. For more information, contact Jenny Kaplan by calling 508.879.2800, or email at

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To Download a Pledge Form for the Walk click HERE:

MEMORY WALK for Jeff’s Place 2019 Nov – Pledge Form