Testimonials from our Family Participants

“We are so thankful to have found Jeff’s place. They welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. The whole staff is loving and caring. We searched for a place to take our daughter a year after the loss of her brother, our son, Alec. She found such comfort being with others who understood and were going through the same thing, and she found so much comfort with the volunteers in her group who help her talk about Alec while having fun too. She looks forward to going every other week. And while my husband and I didn’t feel comfortable attending group, we did, and it does bring us comfort to know others are going through the same emotions and difficulty in life. We have grown comfortable in our group and are surrounded by caring hurting parents. Thank you Jenny and Melissa and everyone at Jeff’s Place for helping our family.”
-Cassidy’s Parents

“In April 2011 my husband was murdered. At the time my daughter was 14 years old. Before her dad was killed, she was a happy outgoing child. Following the death of her dad she became angry and withdrawn. She refused to talk about her dad and how his death was affecting her. I tried to get her to speak to a counselor but she refused. She would state that counselors do not understand how she is feeling. It took me a year but I found Jeff’s Place. Jeff’s Place has allowed my daughter to speak and express her feelings about her loss. Jeff’s Place has also been a great source of support for me as a parent. Since attending group meetings at Jeff’s Place my daughter has begun to associate again with her classmates. She no longer has anger-fueled outbursts. I have even received positive feedback from teachers at her school who have noticed a happier, smiling student who is beginning to show improvement in her school work. Jeff’s Place has also brought me comfort. I participate in the parents group and have found great support from other parents who have found themselves in this very difficult part of their lives. The life of a widow/widower and the life of single parenting. Being a client of Jeff’s Place I have also been able to watch the changes in the children of the other families in our group. Where once these children were shy and quiet they are now smiling and engaging in activities with each other.  Without Jeff’s Place I do not know how my daughter and I would have been able to cope with the tragic death of her dad and my husband.”
-Abby’s Mom

“My 16 year old son and I attend this group twice a month. My son has really learned how to express his emotion and to talk about his feelings. This has carried over in other parts of his life as well. My son feels safe with the teens and has met some life long Friends. The facilitators are friendly, caring and demonstrate compassion.”
-Jack’s Mom

“Jeff’s Place has offered my young children a safe place to connect with other kids who have lost a parent. It has also been a place for me, as a young widow, to find support from other parents who are grieving the loss of their spouse, while trying to raise their kids. It has been incredibly helpful to me over the course of several years.”
Acadia & Emerson’s Mom