There are many ways to get involved at Jeff’s Place:


-Become a trained volunteer facilitator for one of our support groups. Fill out your application HERE:

-Become a dinner host for one of our support group nights.

-Lets get creative! What are your strengths? Share with us your skills and passions and help us think of a unique way to contribute! (i.e. landscaping, handyman, painting, special projects, etc.)


-Join our Development Committee

-Help us with a Special Events

• Help coordinate one of our pre-existing events
• Create your own event (a great community-service project).
• Host a gathering and invite your friends/family/colleagues to learn more about Jeff’s Place!

Or frankly, Donate!

For more information regarding any of these ways to get involved, please e-mail info@jeffsplacemetrowest.org or call us at (508) 879-2800.

Testimonials from our Volunteer Facilitators

“I have been a volunteer co-facilitator for over a year. Each time I participate I am blown away by the dedication, professionalism and generosity of the group. It has been an honor to be a part of this organization. Helping people becomes a personal journey for each of us. The grief work changes the lives of all of us, volunteers and families who come for comfort. It is powerful and necessary. Impressve and delicate. As I leave each time I do so in awe of the folks in my group, the children they support and my colleagues who care so much. “
-Judi, Volunteer Facilitator

“I am honored to be a volunteer facilitator and board member for Jeff’s Place, a place where children and their families can come and grieve with others who have had significant loss. I am amazed at how eloquently spoken each child is when they speak of their loss. We hear time after time how it is difficult to speak about their loss with others who may not understand. At Jeff’s Place, we know that with each phase of their life, season, holiday, anniversary that passes, different parts of the grief process appear and that talking and sharing with other families who understand will assist in the healing process. With time, sharing and healing, surely “hope grows” at Jeff’s Place.”
-Dale, Volunteer Facilitator and President of Board of Directors

“I am a volunteer facilitator at Jeff’s Place, now going on my 3rd year. I lost my mother to suicide at the age of 11. Unfortunately, we did not have access to a center like Jeff’s Place. We tried our best as a family to cope with the pain of a major loss and the stigma/shame of suicide. Our lives, to say the least, were never going to be normal again. Because we did not have a Jeff’s Place back then, I watched our family struggle. I was very fortunate to meet Jennifer Kaplan Schreiber and Melissa Kennedy Panto, who through their vision, help families transition through the grieving process and find their “new normal”. I am amazed to see how families, with the support of Jeff’s Place, are able to unpack their bags of grief and express themselves in healthy healing ways. Jeff’s Place provides a unique environment for all family types to have someone simply come beside them and simply show them the way toward and through the bereavement process. Each and every person, whether it is a family grieving or a volunteer helping, receives tremendous benefits from each other, from someone who “just gets it”. I whole heartedly endorse Jeff’s Place and I am blessed to be able to serve families who attend.”
-Steve, Volunteer Facilitator

What an amazing experience – to be part of people’s healing. It is such a gift. I have never seen so much love and support in one place. The kids feel like someone finally “gets it” and they know they can trust us. There is nothing better then watching a family grow and (re)-connect and heal. I love my nights at Jeff’s Place. Hope (definitely) grows here.”
-Rachel, Volunteer Facilitator