You Are Not Alone – by Jennifer Kaplan


You Are Not Alone: Young Adults Coping With Death

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Author: Jennifer Kaplan, PhD, LICSW, FT
Book format: Paperback
Age: All Ages
Price: $9.95
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“Having been there herself, Jennifer Kaplan knows what bereaved young people need and skillfully guides them to find it within themselves.” – Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”

“Little is written for this age group; no longer children and not yet solidly in adulthood. This much needed book provides a breadth of practical and clearly written information to support and guide young adults as they find their way through their grief.”
–Carol Wogrin, Psy.D., RN, FT, Director, National Center for Death Education
“I think that Jenny’s book, Young Adults Coping With Death: You Are Not Alone: provides young people with an excellent resource in learning how to cope effectively with the death of a loved one. The book is filled with helpful exercises, uplifting quotes and poems and valuable content on the grief process that can provide support to a young person as they try to navigate through the difficult waters of their grief. The book will provide the reader with some understanding as they try to make sense of what they are experiencing. I believe that this book will speak directly to the many young adults who are grieving and give them some of the tools that are necessary to help them to begin the healing process.”
–Howard R. Winokuer, Ph.D., FT, President, the Association for Death Education and Counseling, Founder, the Winokuer Center for Counseling and Healing
“With her personal experience and clinical training, Jennifer Kaplan, has made a profound contribution with a penetrating understanding of young adult grief. This book will help countless young adults, as well as parents, teachers, and health professionals.”
–Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, DHL, DD Author of Straight Talk about Death for Teenagers (Beacon Press)